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It takes a village

So, you know the saying “it takes a village “? Well, it’s true! This moment in time could not be possible without my village. I’d like to take this time and acknowledge the trybe members that made my music video possible! Not Built to Break, was filmed in a total of two days in the Bay Area! I am pleased to say, I conceptualized, styled, produced and co-directed! None of this would be possible without dear friend and CEO of my label @inspiritmusicproduction , @Daniel.troha . He co-directed, filmed, edited, produced and did a multitude of other tasks. Thank you! I love you my friend! Also, special thanks to Thorsten and Claudia Troha. Their support is endless.
Moving on to the visual aspects. I cannot even begin to explain how grateful I am for this woman and her willingness to share her gift with me. @mekomymua! She glammed me up to a T! I shared with her my vision and she brought it to life! Thank you loved one! Marquayus , you’ve been rockin’ with me from the moment I asked you to be my #bts photographer! Now look! Your beautiful image is seen WORLDWIDE! Thank you for your continued support.
Now, the beautiful home that the NBTB video was shot in is courtesy of Michael @missionloft . Your home, and eye for detail and usage of space and emotion was just the right notion to give our project the dynamic needed for a very visually stunning video! And let’s give a special shout out to @srgk studio! Your space was PERFECT! Thank you for your ginuine hospitality!
Now, this music video would not be possible without its source of creation,
Black Rock Studios.
Thank you Kostas for facilitating a magical environment where artists are creatively comfortable and can thrive!

Jonas, you ROCK! Your production of this song is filled with such passion and drive! Thank you a million times over. Joelina you are a rockstar ! Thank you for your contribution.
And definitely last but not least, thank you to my video co-stars, Michaun , LaShon , and Jasonna, Deuce #keepitinthefamily ! Your infinite love and support drives me above and beyond!

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