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It all started with a closet studio

Hey hi! It’s me! PHOENYX!

Thank you for taking a moment to share your time with me. This moment in time is special . This moment in time is changing the course of my life, and in turn changing the course of yours. My debut single, NOT BUILT TO BREAK, releases in less than a month. A month! I have been waiting and working my ass off for this moment for what seems like my entire life!

Many years ago a dear friend of mine, Curtis Burton believed in me, and put me in a studio at the age of twelve. It was a cozy little in-home studio. The recording booth was tucked in between the closet and the bathroom door. It was then that I wrote and recorded my very first song, “ Get With You.” Which was crazy, cause what did I know about getting with anything at twelve? I needed to be focused on getting these grades up. Now, while I was really smart, school was never really my main focus. I couldn’t sit still long enough. And to be honest with you I was waaaaay past what was being taught in my classroom. No, music is where my focus was. I loved it! I would wake up with music on the brain, and close my eyes at night with a song in my head. It also helped that I was born into it. Both my parents are incredible musicians. I continued to forge a path in music and dance my entire life. Dancing has also been a great passion of mine. The two went hand and hand. There was no life for me if it didn’t involve music.

Decades later, accompanied by so many wonderful magical experiences brings me to this moment in time, RIGHT NOW! Even, as I sit here typing this blog entry, it blows my mind! This twelve year old girl followed her heart and grew up to be a woman fulfilling her dreams! Music has been my constant companion. And now my highly anticipated single, Not Built to Break, releases WORLDWIDE in a matter of weeks! This journey has been incredible and it’s only going to get better. Stay tuned for updates. Won’t you join me on his magical ride that is my life?

Love and light