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How “Not Built to Break” was born.

Ok, where to start? I’ll start with my friend/mentor/producer/CEO and partner in music, Daniel Troha. We have known one another for over 20 years. Daniel produced the chart topping group I was in when I was 17, Four Colourz. He would mention this incredible song writing camp in Santorini Greece that he was a part of the prior year quite often. It took place at Black Rock Studio. Literally, one of the best recording studios in the WORLD. The location alone was filled with pure magic. Daniel would joyously tell me about the wonderful time he had there, and that he made some great connections. One in particular, a man in a lane of his own, Ray Williams. He made such a positive impact on Daniel, that he felt inclined to mention and connect Ray and I to one another via Facebook. Instant connection! I felt it through the computer. I swear it! Long story sort of short, Daniel arranged for me to attend the following songwriting camp in freaking SANTORINI GREECE, AT BLACK ROCK STUDIOS!!! I was a HAPPY WOMAN!! Which I often am, but this made me super happy! The first night on the island, I walked into a restaurant filled with so many varied, eager faces. I recognized none but one, Ray Williams. Eventually our paths physically crossed and it was on! Sparks flew. We spoke for close to an hour. We discussed life, the music industry, and the drive and dedication required to truly be a successful artist. I soaked it up like Patrick’s best friend, Spongbob! At the end of our highly concentrated conversation, Ray said something along the lines of, “This industry can be tough and can break you.” I then uttered from my humbled determined mouth, ‘Well, I’m not built to break so…” Humble right? No but seriously, I very humbly said, “I’m not built to break, so I won’t.” Trust me, I’ve got the battle scars to prove it. At that moment there was a spark! A shared surge of energy. I said, “hey that’s a great song title. I’m going to write a song about it.” Now mind you, we are attending a songwriting camp, so the idea was perfectly timed. However, I had know idea that the universe was going to team me up with such dynamic energies that were sent here for the sole purpose of giving, “Not Built to Break” life. That brings me to the 1st person I gravitated towards on the ride to our 1st meeting. A peaceful rock n roll drummer from Sweden with a Phoenyx tattoo etched into his arm. His spirit was so calm, laid back, and at the same time, full of strength. I loved his energy instantly! It also helped that he was gorgeous with long flowing hair that I made secret plans to braid in the near future. It was beautiful! His name was Jonas Echkdal. One the very first day of the writing sessions, we were selected to be in the same group. He was chosen to be the producer of our team. Which brings me to the 2nd team member, Jolina Drews, an incredible songwriter. Our first encounter is an entirely different story altogether. We met one day prior to everyone else. A group of us spent the day living our best lives on a yacht under the most beautiful sky imaginable. My spirit was soaring! Thank you Anthony Goldsbrough, now my fellow label mate, and Georgie Keller for facilitating the incredible yacht excursion. Jolina and I were instant friends. We had the same kind of upbringing in the music industry. We were born into it. Our parents were also musicians. We grew up in music, and had a mutual understanding. So there we were, in Santorini Greece, at Black Rock Studios, a place of magic. Three creative beings from across the world– America, Sweden, and Germany. Needless to say, magic was made that day. And that is how Not Built to Break was born. The rest is history!